English information about Authorisation

English information about Authorisation


For a company to become an “Authorised Heating, Ventilation and Sanitary company” and use the Säker Vatteninstallation special logo in its presentations and marketing, it must fulfill the qualifications below:

The application to become an authorized plumbing company is made with these application documents.

In order for the company to become a member and an authorized plumbing company, it must have:

  • Commitment as authorized plumbing company (three-sided form from Säker Vatten AB)
  • A registered account at NEXUS or HantverksID to order ID06 credentials. (To register an account visit www.nexusID06.se or www.hantverksid.se)
  • Liability insurance (copy of current insurance policy showing a liability of at least SEK 10 million)
  • Certificate of registration (copy from Bolagsverket, not more than one year old)
  • List of employees (In the form from Säker Vatten AB)
  • Registered for F-tax and VAT in Sweden
  • Employee with training in current building regulations and standards for plumbing installations, BBR / PBL (this person must also have valid training in Säker Vatteninstallation)
  • Plumber / Supervisor with plumbing certificate (as well as valid training in Säker Vatteninstallation, valid at least six month)
    Plumbers without a plumbing certificate equivalent the swedish certificate must validate their work experience at VVS-yrkesnämnden www.vvsyn.se 
  • 50% of the company's plumbing fitters must have an approved course in Säker Vatten installation


The application must be sent to Säker Vatten AB, Box 17154, 104 62 Stockholm, or mailed in with attachments to info@sakervatten.se.


The course in Branschregler Säker Vatteninstallation is available in English, for notification or questions, please visit rattkunskap.nu



It is not permitted to bring an interpreter to the course. The teacher has the right to evict interpreters from the course. 



Learn more about the building industry in Swedan at The National Agency of Housing, Building and Planing, Boverket´s website www.boverket.se/building-in-sweden 

Säker Vatten
Box 17154
104 62 Stockholm
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